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Here is this seansons outlook
By Karen Bordeau, pheasant project leader

The abrupt flush and raucous cackle of the ring-necked pheasant on October 1st will certainly start the blood pumping for the upland bird hunter and his or her dog.

Autumn is a special time for many people -- when the frost is on the pumpkin, the bird hunter looks forward to an exciting time chasing the crafty ring-necked pheasant in the weed patch. Once the pheasant is in the cover, it prefers to run unless forced to fly. The bird's ability to play hide-and-seek often leaves the hunter admiring the green and gold leaves of a New Hampshire hillside rather than the brilliant colors of the cock pheasant in the bag.

Private landowners graciously allow the Department to stock pheasants and continue to allow hunters access and areas to hunt pheasants in New Hampshire. With the decline of farmland, it is becoming increasingly important that hunters foster good relations with the landowners. Just as ethical hunting is based on an appreciation and respect for wildlife, ethical behavior on private land starts with appreciation and respect for the landowner.

This year 13,000 adult ring-necked pheasants will be purchased and released in all 10 counties. The season runs October 1 through December 31, with a daily limit of two and a season limit of 10. Licensed hunters must purchase a pheasant permit.

Pheasant Stocking Staff
  General Information
Pheasant season will open October 1 and continue through December 31. There is a daily bag limit of 2 and a season limit of 10. A hunter may harvest two hens as part of the daily limit. To hunt pheasant one must have a valid New Hampshire hunting license and pheasant license. Non-residents may hunt with a pheasant license and either a non-resident hunting license or a non-resident small game license. The .00 pheasant license fee is in effect for both residents and non-residents.

There will be approximately 75 stocking sites throughout the state. Most of the sites are on private land and are stocked with landowner permission. The Department asks that hunters respect the rights of landowners, and express their appreciation to the landowners that cooperate in this program.

Distribution of birds will occur through four stockings this year. The birds will be evenly distributed throughout three stockings. The flood control areas, state lands and selected private lands will be stocked during the fourth stocking. The Department asks that hunters refrain from training dogs at pheasant release sites three days prior to October 1. Dog training flushes pheasants from the release sites often times onto posted property or other areas not suitable for hunting.